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Beginner's guide to buy the best Lacrosse balls in a sports store

While playing a lacrosse game the ball is continuously moving and with time passes and a lacrosse ball is being used in many lacrosse games it wears down. The quality no longer stays the same and if you play a lacrosse match with an old ball its inconsistency totally spoils the match.

In practice matches mostly players use fresh lacrosse balls as it helps them to get prepared for their final match. There is a very popular term that you play like you practice. If players do feel that they are having a final match while doing practice they get more enthused about their match.
If players keep on practicing with old lacrosse ball it becomes a bad habit for them and they are extremely affected when they face a fresh ball in any of their final matches.
Commonly, lacrosse balls are misplaced during gameplay and it is always a better approach to have an extra than spending time finding the only ball you are going to have in your entire match.


The game balls are chosen on the factor of age. Each kind of age group gets a different ball which they use during a lacrosse match.

Starting from the youngest age group of players like 6U and 8U, they should avoid hard-type balls and use soft-type balls. Soft athletic balls, tennis balls, and even soft lacrosse balls can be used but they should have similar sizes and diameters.

At a more senior level like the 10U level, the game is played with a rubber ball. Even if the match is being played by men or women. There is an organization that keeps the balls up to a standard and each rubber ball must meet the regulations acknowledged by the National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment (NOCSAE). This standard was created to make good quality balls. It clearly states that what material should be used and how should be a lacrosse ball constructed. It says that balls should wight between 5Oz and 5.25Oz and it should be made up of rubber, balls measure should be between 7 ¾ and its circumference should be 8 inches (just like the size of a tennis ball). Whenever a lacrosse game is played its ball must feature that it follows all the standards by having a label of “Meets NOCSAE standards”.

The colors of the lacrosse ball are white, yellow, orange, and green. They are specified according to men’s and women’s lacrosse games. Commonly, the men’s lacrosse game is played with a white ball and the women’s lacrosse game is played with a yellow ball. However, coaches have the option to mutually decide and change the color of the ball. They usually chose orange and green lacrosse balls.


If you are not playing lacrosse as a professional game and your aim is just to improve your skill or to enjoy by playing this game you can use a variety of balls. These balls are not approved by NOCSAE but they are good in quality and they come in several colors. You can use these balls to boost up your game skills. You can even use professional lacrosse balls in your game as it gives the high possibility that you would be able to play more efficiently if you have practiced with the same ball.
Some practice balls are not made up of rubber in fact they are made up of a little soft material they are shock absorbent and durable. They can be called the first copy of a regular lacrosse ball as they are made up of the same weight and they can be proven very excellent when it comes to improving your lacrosse skills. Even if you use them indoors they still have the potential to take your game to the next level.
There is also a weighted ball available in the market. They are up to 3 times heavier than a regular lacrosse ball. They are used extensively for practice so that players could focus on their shot speed and ball-handling skills. It becomes very easy for the player to play with a regular ball if he/she has practiced with a weighted ball.
There is a pro tip that when you are working with your skills and you are not playing an actual match. You should choose bright colored balls so that you can keep a track of them and they are not lost easily.
Without a lacrosse ball, you won’t be able to play lacrosse games, and if you have a better understanding of lacrosse ball. You can choose the best ball according to your requirements and it becomes quite useful when you are in the gameplay.
By better understanding what they’re all about, you can now focus on cradling the ball in your pocket and getting ready to score the winning goal.

What makes a lacrosse ball certified?

The NOCSAE is an institution the provides certification for a lacrosse ball. It is also popular in other sports. They have set their own rules of lacrosse ball which they have deployed in the industry and these rules have made them more professional. Such that players have the opportunity to play with similar balls in each tournament.