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7 Steps to Help a Lacrosse Player Be More Confident

When a youngster decides to become a new player in any game he may feel a lot of nervousness, unsettled or may feel uncomfortable to play the game. Many of the young athletes say that they feel anxiety before and after their games or maybe during their game so they are not able to focus on their game. This can lead to a very bad impact on their performance and it can break their dream to become a professional player at the very beginning stage.

Some young players think that if they make a slight mistake they will be judged by other players and they feel embarrassed. Some compare them with other athletes and think about themself as inferior to them. This is not a healthy mindset to become a champion all youngsters aspire to become but unfortunately, it is one of the most common traits found in beginners in any game or sport.

In the very first place, some players start to play the game because their parents wanted them to or in some cases to impress someone, it can be one of their elders or maybe someone among their friends. Some players keep doubts about themselves during the game and this leads to frustration and self discouragement. Some athletes try their best to perform just like their favorite sportsman at the very beginning of their games and end up hurting themselves because it takes years to reach up that level. 

We have provided some easy-to-follow tips to improve an athlete’s mental health. It is not only useful for someone who is a beginner player or even a pro-level player.


 An athlete keeps learning new things throughout his career in sports. His attitude towards his game is always welcoming to learn new and difficult techniques and face multiple challenges. Most of the athletes adopt the habit of learning new things frequently and getting up after failing anything. Initially, any athlete must strive to be themselves and play their own game and take away any kind of focus on becoming the perfect champion they admire. Sometimes It takes years to achieve that kind of perfection and professionalism. Everything In life or sports comes with experience and endeavor. Every athlete should play freely without having pressure in their head.


 When an athlete is playing in a match or sometimes during practice hours it is common to feel apprehensive about being hit by a ball or get hurt in some other way and cause harm to the body or disability. Some players have the natural ability to endure pain. But it is not the case with most amateur players who start playing at a young age. Some matured players understand the principle of delayed gratification and are ready to overcome temporary shortcomings for a long-term vision.

But the fear we want to address here is both physical mental. It is about a player’s mental fear and limiting beliefs. Sometimes players have a double-minded opinion about themselves and their performance. On one side they practice and do well in their practice matches and are confident about their performance on the field. But on the other side, the same player feels hesitant and doubtful about his performance on the field. This brings down their overall performance

To that of an inexperienced and poor player.  

Most players worry about things that are often not under their control like if a Lacrosse player thinks that they will lose the match due to his single mistake. But it is a fact that a game played by a team of players is won or lost by the performance of the entire team.

In simple words, the first step to overcoming fear is to identify it. Like if a player has a fear of losing the match, He should think that what makes him feel that way, whether that could be poor practice, tough playing conditions, or poor communication and coordination as a team. this can be discussed internally and resolved within the team. At the same time, it is important for a player to think about enhancing his individual contribution to the team as a player.

Keeping a healthy attitude towards the game and an optimistic approach always creates a better possibility to win it.


 It is quite common in athletes as well as students that they compare themselves with others. This behavior of comparing themselves to others not only makes them feel inferior to others but eventually they end up becoming no one. Sometimes a coach or a senior might compare some athletes based on their game and arise competition among them but athletes must listen to such advice professionally not personally.

An athlete can become his own biggest enemy if he doesn’t have control over his thoughts. Pessimistic thoughts, thoughts of jealousy can put you in danger each time. As an athlete, you must avoid them and keep thinking about the positive aspects however too much or unrealistic optimism is also not recommended by many psychologists.

It is often recommended by many psychologists that an athlete must compare his yesterday with his today. If you can do it properly you will help yourself in a very optimistic way to improve your skills drastically.


Many athletes learn to play a game because someone encouraged their skills at the first play and it becomes a habit for them to seek social approval. It is very common among athletes that they rely on social approval. They play to get recognized and get attention. If that’s the case many athletes lose their hope to become good players if they don’t get social approval after some matches. Their inner self demands social approval as they have become habitual to it. Many athletes try their best to gain attention on the field and during practice but they are never able to satisfy themselves. It is so that you can never satisfy your audience and the system around you no matter how hard you try to please them if they are satisfied with one of your deeds they will say bad about the other or they might change their opinion about you.

Becoming an athlete with a passion for any game and having self-awareness like knowing about your pros and cons can help you to become a successful player. Many professional players use this technique in their whole careers. If they think they have played well and society doesn’t accept it they don’t care about society and keep playing like a true sportsman.


 Many athletes try to be perfect even if they are at a beginner level. They will try to make every effort to perform like a professional player but eventually, they cannot get their desired results. It is so don’t have a functional mindset.

A player having a functional mindset is ready to face new challenges along his journey. Like if an athlete makes a mistake during a game he will try to fix it calmly and he would accept that it was his mistake. This attitude helps many players to reach up to the level of professional athletes. It helps their mind to give an actual image of how to perform as an athlete and what challenges they would have to face during this journey.

If you want to become an athlete with a functional mindset you must start your game by doing some warmup and after that when you are ready you must focus on your game. Instead of judging your performance and how much score, you have created you should focus on that what you have learned today and how you will be able to use it in your upcoming games.


 When a person tries to become an athlete he does not have any confidence at all because he has not played any game yet. But with practice, his mind becomes familiar with the process of the game and he starts to adopt the rules and accepts himself as an athlete.

Confidence is usually defined as self-trust and people all around the globe gain confidence by gaining knowledge about a specific thing, a game, or a skill. Everyone can become a confident athlete but it takes time and effort. The moment you have a strong mindset that you can play that game efficiently and you are even to tell some cool tricks and tips about the game to young athletes and your fellow athletes you become a confident athlete.

An athlete’s mental fitness revolves around his confidence. He can either decide to win the game by performing excellent or decide to lose the game by losing his confidence.


 Each game brings several opportunities for an athlete. He can learn a lot of lessons from it. It’s like having another opportunity to show your skills and master your favorite game. If a player keeps himself lost that he missed a shot or he failed his game. It is quite possible that he will the next opportunity as well. It is advised to young athletes that if they only cared about the results of the game how are they gonna enjoy it. At the end of the day, it is a game either you end up losing or winning you will learn from it.