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5 Reasons You Should Play Box Lacrosse




We all know that box lacrosse is played in a hockey rink. There are 5 players on each side and they don’t use long sticks to defend themselves. In this strict environment, players get the opportunity to improve their stick skills. If they practice in box lacrosse they get a good grip at moving sticks. Playing in a small place allows you to face challenging shots and it makes up your mind to counter those shots. Even how fast they are you are able to play calmly and reluctantly. Canadian professionals are known for their stick skills and the most important factor that remains uncovered is that how they have accomplished those stick skills. We have found out they practice box lacrosse in a 4v4 box and they make it tough for themselves during practice so they can boost their final performances.



Psychology says that sports can improve your IQ and a game like a box lacrosse in which you have only 30 seconds shot clock. You are expected to play it very fast and when a new lacrosse player starts to face such challenging shots. He gets confused and irritated by the limited time. But with the passage of time, he becomes proficient enough to handle those shots and there are players who play more than a normal player can even think about. But all it takes is practice to reach up to that level of professionalism.


The best part about learning to play in such an environment is that your level of IQ becomes greater and you can take good and fast decisions doesn’t matter how tough the situation is. You become strong enough to handle it. A study says if you are able to control your body you are able to control your mind. When it comes to playing lacrosse at that phase you have become a professional at making decisions. When your coach is delivering you the guidelines you already create a plan in your head and you are ready to implement it during your game.



It is very rare that the ball gets out of the rink. That place is tightly bound with nets. In a space of 5 v 5, the game becomes extremely fast and it is even harder for pro players. The more the repetitions of the game the more professional you become. When you play 100 shots on each goal in each game and you are going to play just 40 to 50 shots in a final match you can perform that job easily. Your strength is doubled and you find it relaxing to play in a final match. This does not come overnight. It takes quite some time and effort to reach that level of professionalism but once you reach that level you’ll find it easy to play lacrosse and you will enjoy it. 



When you are playing box lacrosse you will feel pressure as it is created by your senses to make you aware of what is happening and it is quite useful that you become alert and more active but the problem occurs when players fail to handle pressure and they are not able to perform well. You must learn how to play under pressure and how to control your body. It takes time but the moment you are able to control your nerves according to the requirements of the game you become better at playing it.



Many players don’t realize that off-ball moment is as important as on-ball the reason is that the game is very fast in such a small space. It is the duty of off-ball players to roll off picks and set picks. Communication with other players is the most important at that moment. The players who are at defense must communicate with each other so they can highlight that the ball is about to come and they must keep communicating with the other team members so they may know what is happening and what are they going to do.


On the whole playing box lacrosse is essential for every player if he wants to get a good position in the final game. Many successful players say that they have gained their grip on the lacrosse game just by playing box lacrosse and their grip on stick and decision making and managing things under pressure is all result of playing box lacrosse. It is the fastest way to grow your game in the minimum time possible.