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5 must know tips for a travelling Lacrosse player

If you are a professional lacrosse player or you are just a beginner but you want to become a lacrosse player. You would have to travel a lot and if you see it with the vision of a professional player. Playing lacrosse and preparing for the game are both very important. You would have to balance them concurrently. Most people who are not familiar with lacrosse don’t know the difference between indoor lacrosse and outdoor lacrosse. They consider them to be the same but they are completely different according to their rules and regulations. Mostly indoor lacrosse is played inside a hockey arena. In countries like the USA where lacrosse is quite popular still you would have to travel 6 to 7 hours just to play different lacrosse tournaments. Whenever someone is traveling to play lacrosse on a very far location according to him/her. He/she would have to do a lot of packing.

We’ve provided some of the essential things that an athlete must look for before traveling to a far destination for his game.


Packing up the necessary things and organizing them is very important. It is always a wise decision to create a list of all the important things you should carry. That will help you not to miss any necessary and must carry items.

A player is concerned about many things while traveling but the most important is the equipment and gear he will use in the game. First of all, you should make a list of essentials like shoulder pads, elbow pads, game sticks( two ), rib pads, cleats, and game suit ( according to weather). These are all the most important things a Lacrosse player looks for. But there are other things which you must consider. Such as toiletries which are used on a daily basis. Ongoing to different locations you must have at least two towels, a shampoo of your choice and soap, etc. If you have your toiletries you might be able to take shower before and after the game. Carrying some extra toiletries lets you share them with your teammates if necessary.


If you are traveling for about 7 to 8 hours. You must need rest in the meantime so you will be fresh when you reach your destination. For this, you must have a neck pillow to give you relief from stressing out. It is quite common that an athlete may fall asleep while traveling and he would reach on the time of match. And during sleep, he might sleep in an unusual posture which may result in back pain and extreme tiredness. A neck pillow supports you in all possible ways. It straightens up your neck in a good posture and keeps you feel relaxed even on bumpy rides.


Food varieties may vary from place to place when you are traveling. A lacrosse player needs to have a healthy meal so that he can perform excellently in his matches. It is recommended by professionals to take snacks with them like protein bars and frozen fruits. It is always recommended because it helps you to keep yourself energized and you can even skip unhealthy meals.


 Most amateur players make the mistake to eat before their game and it is one of the biggest mistakes that someone could make. It takes time to digest food and you cannot play well while your food hasn’t digested. It is always recommended by professional players to eat at least 3 to 4 hours before their game. So that a player can keep himself healthy during gameplay. It is also recommended that you should travel well before your game time. Having some extra time helps you feel relaxed and also lets you adjust yourself to the new environment both physically and mentally. With some extra time in hand, players can go through pre-game mental exercises or affirmations depending on their pregame routines.  If you travel at the exact time and the road is bumpy you might get in trouble and those bumps won’t let to stay relaxed for your game.

Post Game

It is very important to follow a routine after your game so that make yourself warm down. If you don’t recover yourself after your game and you might get up sick. It is very important to follow a specialized routine after each game or practice match. You should drink enough water to hydrate yourself. Some stretching exercises will help your muscles to get relaxed a lot. Most athletes usually travel back to their hometown or next destination. So they should stretch their tired muscles so can relax easily.

So these were some of the tips which we think are important for a player to have a well-balanced game and enjoy playing lacrosse.